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Featured Speakers

avatar for 馬化騰 Pony Ma

馬化騰 Pony Ma

Founder, Chairman and CEO


avatar for 陳佩 Dr Barbara Chan

陳佩 Dr Barbara Chan

Living Tissues Ltd
avatar for 陳卓卓 Cherry Chan

陳卓卓 Cherry Chan

The Mills
Person In Charge
avatar for 陳婉瑩 Prof Ying Chan

陳婉瑩 Prof Ying Chan

The Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU
avatar for 陳展程 Ray Chan

陳展程 Ray Chan

avatar for 陳智遠 Paul Chan

陳智遠 Paul Chan

Walk in Hong Kong
avatar for 鄭斌彬 Ben Cheng

鄭斌彬 Ben Cheng

avatar for 張亮 Leong Cheung

張亮 Leong Cheung

The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Executive Director, Charities and Community
avatar for 張廣達 Terence Cheung

張廣達 Terence Cheung

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Regional Managing Partner, Western Region
avatar for 張益麟 Alan Cheung

張益麟 Alan Cheung

Grandion Industrial Ltd
Managing Director
avatar for 張英相 Prof Paul Cheung

張英相 Prof Paul Cheung

Associate Vice-President (Research)
avatar for 趙子翹 Jason Chiu

趙子翹 Jason Chiu

The Cherrypicks
avatar for 莊煥華 Ted Chong

莊煥華 Ted Chong

Designer Time
avatar for 周學文 Raymond Chow

周學文 Raymond Chow

B+CR Marketing Consulting
General Manager
avatar for 鍾偉強 Dr David Chung

鍾偉強 Dr David Chung

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co. Ltd
Chief Technology Officer
avatar for 鍾嘉穎 Jah-ying Chung

鍾嘉穎 Jah-ying Chung

Founder and Air Marshal
avatar for Douglas Crets

Douglas Crets

Managing Editor and Founder
avatar for 方文雄 David Fong

方文雄 David Fong

Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Ltd
Managing Director
avatar for 方添明 Vincent Fong

方添明 Vincent Fong

Kairos Society Hong Kong
avatar for 馮景行 Martin Fung

馮景行 Martin Fung

Next City
avatar for 顧力恒 Nick Gu

顧力恒 Nick Gu

Eone Timepieces Inc
avatar for 項明生 James Hong

項明生 James Hong

In-depth Traveler and Writer
avatar for 黃翔 Xiang Huang

黃翔 Xiang Huang

IDG Communications China
Executive Vice President
avatar for 洪小瑩 Dr Patrick Hung

洪小瑩 Dr Patrick Hung

avatar for 郝赫 Zenneth Kok

郝赫 Zenneth Kok

Hong Kong-based Professional Magician
avatar for 江紹祺 Dr. Travis Kong

江紹祺 Dr. Travis Kong

Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU
Associate Dean
avatar for 林向陽 Herman Lam

林向陽 Herman Lam

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Ltd
avatar for 林子傑 Paul Lam

林子傑 Paul Lam

Executive Producer
avatar for 林曉峯 Hilton Lam

林曉峯 Hilton Lam

BBA (IBGM) Final Year Student
avatar for 劉耀南 Dr Johnson Y.N. Lau

劉耀南 Dr Johnson Y.N. Lau

Kinex Pharmaceuticals
CEO & Board Chairman
avatar for 李家倫 Clive Lee

李家倫 Clive Lee

Chen Yidan Foundation
Chief Operating Officer
avatar for 梁錦松 Antony Leung

梁錦松 Antony Leung

Nan Fung Group
avatar for 李勁華 Keith Li

李勁華 Keith Li

Co-founder & CEO
avatar for 李登偉 Prof Ronald Li

李登偉 Prof Ronald Li

avatar for 凌浩雲 Howard Ling

凌浩雲 Howard Ling

Bijas, Happy Veggies and Harvester Social Enterprises
avatar for 羅靖邦 Victor Lo

羅靖邦 Victor Lo

Mixing Bowl
avatar for 馬衡 Theodore Ma

馬衡 Theodore Ma

MaBelle Jewellery Co. Ltd
Managing Director
avatar for Prof Peter Mathieson

Prof Peter Mathieson

President and Vice-Chancellor
avatar for 魏華星 Francis Ngai

魏華星 Francis Ngai

Social Ventures HK
Founder and CEO
avatar for 彭慧冰 Dr. Cecilia Pang

彭慧冰 Dr. Cecilia Pang

Innovation and Technology Commission
Biotechnology Director
avatar for Keisha Siriboe

Keisha Siriboe

English Language Education, HKU
PhD Candidate
avatar for 蘇彰德 Douglas So

蘇彰德 Douglas So

Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Advancement)
avatar for 施能自 Norman Sze

施能自 Norman Sze

Northern Region, Deloitte China
Regional Managing Partner
avatar for Catherine Tan

Catherine Tan

avatar for 鄧珮頤 Phoebe Tang

鄧珮頤 Phoebe Tang

Healthy Cottage
Founder and Honorary Consultant
avatar for 曾昭學 Victor Tsang

曾昭學 Victor Tsang

Executive Director
avatar for 徐詠璇 Prof Bernadette Tsui

徐詠璇 Prof Bernadette Tsui

Director, Development & Alumni Affairs Office
avatar for 董鳳濤 Nicholas Tung

董鳳濤 Nicholas Tung

Lewis & Paul Investment Co. Ltd
General Manager
avatar for 王䓪鳴 Dr Rosanna Wong

王䓪鳴 Dr Rosanna Wong

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Executive Director
avatar for 王榮珍 Janet Wong

王榮珍 Janet Wong

Innovation and Technology Commission, HKSAR
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology
avatar for 黃家正 Ka-jeng Wong

黃家正 Ka-jeng Wong

Music Lab
Artistic Director
avatar for 黃棨麟 Dr. Wilson Wong

黃棨麟 Dr. Wilson Wong

Novus Life Sciences
CEO & Founder
avatar for 黃永 Vincent Wong

黃永 Vincent Wong

Founder and CEO
avatar for 黃耀傑 Ernest Wong

黃耀傑 Ernest Wong

KVB Kunlun Holdings Ltd
President & Group CFO
avatar for 黃英琦 Ada Wong

黃英琦 Ada Wong

The Good Lab
Convenor and Director
avatar for 黃靖 Jing Wong

黃靖 Jing Wong

avatar for 胡靄慈 Joelle Woo

胡靄慈 Joelle Woo

Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd
Director, Business Development & Developer Experience (DX)
avatar for May Yamaura

May Yamaura

Brand Pit
avatar for 勞雙恩 Lo Sheung Yan

勞雙恩 Lo Sheung Yan

J. Walter Thompson
Chairman of Worldwide Creative Council
avatar for 楊偉雄 Nick Yang

楊偉雄 Nick Yang

Advisor to the Chief Executive on Innovation and Technology
avatar for 楊偉國 Dr Kelvin Yeung

楊偉國 Dr Kelvin Yeung

OrthoSmart Ltd
Co-founder & CEO
avatar for 葉蓁蓁 Ada Yip

葉蓁蓁 Ada Yip

Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts
avatar for 張力奮 Dr. Lifen Zhang

張力奮 Dr. Lifen Zhang

Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU
Visiting Professor